GUS was a computer who represented the department of 'Galatic Unified Soldiers', controlled by the War Lords. They used the computer to capture the Foretold and reverse-engineer its abilities. Toward this end, it exposed numerous ships, including the Gloriana and the Valiant Heart, to the artefact that summoned the Foretold and forced their crews to investigate the phenomenon. When the crews inevitably failed to solve the mystery, they would be eliminated to ensure that there were no witnesses.

They also captured the Boogeyman and again, reverse-engineer its abilities. This time, keeping the soldier trapped in a crashed timeship.

History Edit

The Orient Express was the last ship to be controlled by Gus for the purpose of analysing the Foretold. Gus arranged for a party of unwitting scientists and historians to be aboard, as well as the Doctor. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)

Following the wedding of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, the Eleventh Doctor received a call informing him that an Egyptian goddess was loose on the Orient Express in space. (TV: The Big Bang) The Twelfth Doctor indicated that a phone call to the TARDIS had been one of Gus' methods to lure him aboard the Orient Express, as well as sending the Doctor free tickets. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)

Gus assured the compliance of the group with violence against its passengers, blowing the occupants of the kitchen out into space when the Twelfth Doctor refused to stop his telephone call on request.

After the Foretold was identified and disintegrated, Gus explained that survivors were not required and removed the oxygen from the laboratory. The Doctor teleported the living out. When he attempted to find out, through the train's hardware, who had engineered the gathering, Gus blew up the train to prevent it from being revealed. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)

Gus appeared again when the Twelfth Doctor discovered the Boogeyman kept prisoner in a timeship disguised as an old house on Earth. After managing to free the Boogeyman, he discovers that Gus is behind it all. (TV: Lights Off)

Personality Edit

Gus was intelligent, calculating, and single-mindedly focused on its goals. It possessed a dark sense of humour, making light of life-or-death situations and taunting its pawns. It presented an air of refinement by incorporating a monocle into its avatar and speaking in a refined British accent with a cheerful tone, even when committing murder.

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