Twelfth Doctor
Twelfth Doctor
Season(s) 8, 9, 10
First seen Deep Breath
Last seen At Wars End
Status Alive
Portrayed by Peter Capaldi
The Twelfth Doctor was the first incarnation of the Doctor's second regeneration cycle, bestowed upon him by the Time Lords at Clara Oswald's urging. Assured of the survival of Gallifrey, the Doctor was no longer chained down by guilt, becoming a less amiable character with a withdrawn attitude who habitually questioned his own goodness.

Although he was no stranger to kindness and humour, the Twelfth Doctor often dispensed with niceties in a tense situation, becoming cold and calculative in critical moments that required sound judgment and the occasional application of sharp practice.

However, because of his detachment from emotions, he could come off as unpleasant, fearsome, and ruthless. He became harder to trust, and acknowledged his shift toward negative personality traits, feeling incensed and fearful at what he was changing into. However, after resolving his morality crisis, he started to show his lighter side more clearly and started to show the more positive traits of his character, until Clara's death caused him to return to his more cynical nature. After having his memory of her removed, however, the Doctor's jovial side mixed into his cynical nature to form a stable personality.

Due to her being initially upset at him changing, the Doctor found more strain in his relationship with Clara, especially when she was dating Danny Pink, a former soldier turned Maths teacher, whom the Doctor shared a mutual dislike of each other. However, he later found respect for Danny after he chose to sacrifice himself to stop a Cyberman invasion brought on by Missy. Though he and Clara parted afterwards, the Doctor decided to renew their friendship after experiencing a dream of a possible future where Clara ended up old and alone. 

During a revelation of where his face originated from, the Doctor decided to resurrect Ashildr, a Viking girl who had died protecting her village from the Mire, by using Mire technology to bring her back to life. However, in doing so, the Doctor ended up inadvertently making Ashildr immortal, forcing her to live through countless centuries while everyone around her died, giving her a jaded look on life. After an encounter with Ashildr in an alien refugee camp ended with Clara's death, the Doctor was transported to a tower that was designed to terrify him into confessing the identity of the Hybrid. After 4.5 billion years, during which time he repeatedly burned his old body to load a copy of himself at the moment of his arrival from the transporter's hard drive, the Doctor broke free of the trap and passed through a portal back to his home planet Gallifrey, where he overthrew Rassilon for presidency to save Clara, but ultimately lost his memory of her and was left to solitude.

The Doctor was later reunited with his wife River Song; though she spent most of their adventure unaware of his identity, due to thinking his predecessor was the final incarnation. He then spent the night at Darillium with River that he had avoided numerous times before, enjoying twenty-four years with her before she left for the Library.

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The Darkest Hour Edit

The Doctor rejoined Clara for a trip, where she suggested they go see a volcano. As the Doctor set the TARDIS to go, Clara attempted to put a mood patch on his neck, but the Doctor realised what she was doing and turned it on her. Not realising she was drugged, Clara imagined being at the volcano and throwing all the Doctor's TARDIS keys into lava, to blackmail him to save Danny, who had been killed in a road accident. The Doctor refused, and Clara came out of her dream state after destroying all the TARDIS keys. Despite her betrayal, the Doctor agreed to search for an afterlife to find Danny.

The Doctor and Clara arrived at 3W, which held dead bodies in water tanks. They were greeted by Missy, who identified herself as a greeting droid and kissed the Doctor as part of her greeting routine. They met Dr. Chang, who showed them the use of dark water in the mausoleum. Clara received a call from Danny, who was in the Nethersphere, and the Doctor and Chang left her to take it.

The Doctor and Chang discovered that the water tanks that held the bodies were being drained by Missy, who killed Chang and revealed that all the tanks held Cybermen, who were preparing to invade Earth. Escaping the building, which he discovered St Paul's Cathedral, the Doctor tried to warn away nearby people, but Missy called out his warnings as insanity, and told him it was too late. The Doctor asked for her identity, and, to his shock, Missy revealed she was Missy, (TV: Dark Water) before she and the Doctor were apprehended by UNIT and brought aboard the plane Boat One, where the Doctor was made President of Earth to battle the Cybermen. Missy overpowered UNIT, killed Osgood, and attempted to kill the Doctor by blowing up the plane, but the Doctor survived his fall to Earth by skydiving into the TARDIS. He travelled to a cemetery and reunited with Clara, who was comforting a converted Danny. Missy arrived and, as a "birthday present", gave the Doctor control of all the Cybermen.

Missy planned to turn the Doctor into the leader of the new army, intending to prove that the two of them were not that different after all, believing that she had put him in the impossible position of either accepting control of the army and using it to "save" the universe or letting humanity die and conquer the universe as the Cybermen. However, reflecting on his past, the Doctor realised that he was just a man in a box who travelled around to help where he could, proclaiming that he was not a good man, a bad man, the leader of an army or a President. He then turned command of the army over to Danny, realising that the teacher had held on to his love for Clara even with his emotions deactivated, who led the Cybermen into the clouds where they self-destructed and stopped the rainfall from converting the living. A devastated Missy told the Doctor he could find Gallifrey in its original location with coordinates she provided, but Clara threatened to kill Missy for what she had done, until the Doctor prepared to do it himself. However, a rogue Cyberman disintegrated Missy instead, (TV: Death in Heaven) though the Doctor knew she had found a way to survive. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) The Doctor realised it was his old friend the Brigadier — resurrected as a Cyberman — helping him again. The Doctor saluted the Brigadier, fulfilling a lifelong wish of his old friend, noting that the Brigadier would never be anywhere else but by his side when Earth and the Doctor faced their darkest hour.

The Doctor entered the coordinates Missy gave him into the TARDIS and looked at his location, expecting to find Gallifrey. However, it turned out the coordinates were false and led to nowhere. With his only way to find Gallifrey gone, the Doctor attacked the TARDIS console in a furious rage, before breaking down emotionally. Meeting up with Clara in a café, and believing that she was back with Danny, the Doctor lied to her that he had found Gallifrey so as to allow her to continue with her life. Upon hearing this, Clara told him that she was happy and ready to settle down with, and they both bid farewell and parted ways. (TV: Death in Heaven)

Dreaming of Santa Edit

Sometime later, the Doctor was attacked by a dream crab, which put him into a scenario where he was brooding alone in his drifting TARDIS, (TV: Last Christmas) and was snapped out of his funk as when he heard Santa Claus knocking on the TARDIS door, asking the Doctor what he wanted for Christmas. (TV: Death in Heaven)

The Doctor travelled to Clara's home and collected her from her rooftop, where she had also encountered Santa. Urging her to believe in him, they arrived at a North Pole base, which they found was under attack from dream crabs. Santa arrived to help with the problem, but Clara was attacked by a crab and fell into a dream state. As no one could find a way to remove the crab from her face, the Doctor let himself be attacked by one to get her out of her dream before the crab could kill her.

Entering Clara's dream, the Doctor found she was dreaming of spending Christmas with Danny, and learned that Danny was dead. The Doctor urged her to break out of the dream, after Danny bid her farewell. Waking up in the base, the Doctor came to the realisation that everyone in the base was dreaming, having been attacked by crabs after they arrived. They woke up from the dream and the Doctor and Clara prepared to leave, but Clara reminded the Doctor of Santa having been on her roof, and he realised they were still dreaming from different places and times. The infected personnel in the base began to attack the survivors, however, everyone managed to escape by dreaming Santa was flying them home. The Doctor, Clara and the base scientists flew over London as they each woke up back in their own times.

Waking up where he had been, the Doctor travelled to Clara's home and removed the dream crab attached to her, only to find it had been sixty-two years since he left her and she was now an old woman. Clara filled her in on the years, but the Doctor felt remorseful of leaving her when he did. Santa suddenly appeared and asked the Doctor what he'd do if he had another chance, and the Doctor woke up from his dream, this time for real. He saved the younger Clara from the crab. Spurred on by what could have happened to her, the Doctor invited her to resume her travels with him, and she accepted. They set off together in the TARDIS, the Doctor remarking that he rarely got second chances with his companions, and commenting that he didn't know who to thank for this one. (TV: Last Christmas)

Abandoning Young Davros Edit

While looking for a bookshop, the Doctor found himself on a battlefield during the Thousand Year War on Skaro, and encountered a young boy trapped in a field of Handmines, and, during the rescue attempt, learned that the boy was Davros. When he "should have been brave enough, [and] strong enough to do something better", the Doctor fled the battlefield, unwilling to save or kill the boy who would create the Daleks. Afterwards, an older Davros, having become "very sick", asked to see the Doctor "while there [was] still time". (TV: The Doctor's Meditation, The Magician's Apprentice)

While Colony Sarff searched for him, the Doctor prepared a confession dial to be delivered to Missy, and went to the planet Karn to met with Ohila and the Sisterhood of Karn. After hiding from Colony Sarff behind a rock, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) the Doctor was told by Ohila that he owed "that creature" nothing by partaking in a confrontation, warning him his actions would spell his end. Giving Ohila his confession dial before departing, the Doctor proclaimed that he would find a rock to meditate on in preparation for his possible destruction. (WC: Prologue)

Travelling to Essex in 1138 A.D., (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) the Doctor gained a servant in Bors when he removed a splinter from him. After three hours of meditation in a castle, the Doctor decided he needed better drinking water, and gathered the locals to dig a well. After eleven days of finding a supply of water, and another day to construct the well, the Doctor, rather than resume his meditation, decided to make improvements to the castle, such as adding a sunroof to the throne room, (TV: The Doctor's Meditation) building a first-class, child-friendly visitor centre, teaching the locals mathematics and introducing the word "Dude" to the 12th century. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)

While additions to the throne room went underway, the Doctor had a conversation with Bors about him avoiding his meditation. Four days afterwards, the Doctor finally decided to begin mediating again before leaving the next day, and also divulged to Bors the reasons he had for being reclusive. (TV: The Doctor's Meditation) For his last day at the castle, the Doctor decided to have an axe fight with Bors, and arrived on a tank playing an electric guitar. While trying to get the crowd to understand his jokes, he realised Clara and Missy had tracked him to the castle, whereupon Bors was attacked by Colony Sarff, who demanded that the Doctor attend to Davros. Reminded of his shame at leaving the young Davros behind, the Doctor reluctantly agreed to go as a prisoner, with Clara insisting she and Missy be taken prisoner too.

Sarff brought the trio to Davros' infirmary, where he was dying. While Clara and Missy were left in a cell block, the Doctor went to see Davros, who revealed to the Doctor that he had remembered his childhood encounter with the Doctor and revealed they were on Skaro. On a monitor, the Doctor saw that Clara and Missy had escaped their cell and been captured by the Daleks, who had also procured the TARDIS. Missy was seemingly exterminated as she tried to convince the Daleks to work with her. The Doctor begged Davros to save Clara, but Davros denied having control of the Daleks, and the Doctor was forced to watch as Clara was exterminated as well. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)

As the TARDIS was redistributed, (TV: The Witch's Familiar) Davros mocked the Doctor for his compassion towards others resulting in his victory against him, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) but the Doctor, wielding a Dalek gunstick, ignored Davros and forcibly removed him from his chair so he could ride in it and be safe from the Daleks' firepower. He then headed to the congregation of Daleks, and mocked them for being unable to shoot him when they tried. After his demand to know what happened to Clara was answered by the Supreme Dalek in confirmation of her demise, the Doctor was restrained by Colony Sarff and brought back to Davros's infirmary.

At the infirmary, the Doctor spoke with Davros, who revealed that he was able to sustain his live by siphoning off the Daleks' heartbeats through his life support system, and offered to give the Doctor control of this to commit unprovoked genocide upon the Daleks. Though tempted, the Doctor chose to be compassioned and refused to act. Davros then asked the Doctor why he left Gallifrey, and refused to be believe that the Doctor had simply left out of boredom. When Davros brought forth the Confessional dial to learn the truth, the Doctor instead took the opportunity retrieve his sonic sunglasses, and also told Davros that he had saved Gallifrey, to which Davros congratulated him and, looking at the Doctor with his own eyes, was able to convince the Doctor that he was truly dying. Tearfully pleading with the Doctor to show him some understanding, the Doctor decided to give Davros his last wish: to see the sunlight with his true eyes one last time.

When Davros could no long keep them open by the time the sun rose, the Doctor proceeded to give Davros a bit of regenerative energy, but was seized by Colony Sarff and drained to regenerate Davros and all the Daleks on Skaro. He was saved when Missy killed Sarff, and revealed to Davros that he had guessed his plan all along and had tricked Davros; the regenerative energy Davros had used to renew himself and his creations had also been distributed through the sewers beneath the city, and the decaying remains of the ancient Daleks they contained had awoken and begun to emerge. While fleeing the city, the Doctor and Missy came across a Dalek that Missy claimed had killed Clara. The Doctor demanded the Dalek tell him if this was true, but the Dalek kept babbling incoherently. When it began to beg for mercy, the Doctor, suspicious, demanded it open its casing, and found that Clara had been trapped inside the Dalek, and the Doctor, furious with her, told Missy to run as he freed Clara.

The Doctor and Clara then entered the room housing the congregation of Daleks, and the Doctor used his sonic sunglasses to rematerialise the redistributed TARDIS and flee. As he and Clara watched the Dalek City crumble, the Doctor realised that he could teach mercy to the young Davros. (TV: The Witch's Familiar) Armed with the Dalek gunstick, the Doctor returned to the misty battlefield as the young Davros cried for help, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) and saved him by firing on the Handmines. When questioned whether he was the enemy, the Doctor told Davros that friends and enemies didn't matter "so long as [there was] mercy," and then lead the boy to his home. (TV: The Witch's Familiar)

Continued Travels with Clara Edit

The Doctor and Clara continued their travels together, encountering "monsters, [and] things blowing up," and also visiting a place where people with long necks had celebrated New Years Day for two centuries. (TV: Under the Lake)

Arriving in an underwater base called the Drum in the year 2119, the Doctor found that the TARDIS was "unhappy" with her surroundings, and he and Clara then wandered around the base to find it empty with signs of struggle. Seeing two apparitions of a Tivolian and human male, they stumbled upon a spaceship marked with foreign wording, which the Doctor found untranslatable. The apparitions then chased the Doctor and Clara to a Faraday cage, containing the base's crew; Cass, Tim Lunn, Alice O'Donnell, Mason Bennett and Richard Pritchard. Using his UNIT credentials to gain their trust, the crew explained to the Doctor that the man, Jonathan Moran, had been their captain before his death, and that they had been menaced by the apparitions only at the night since discovering the ship, which lead then to believe that they were ghosts, which the Doctor debunked.

As the Drum entered day mode, the Doctor learned more about the base from the crew, and further investigated the spaceship, discovering that one of the power cells was missing and suspended animation chamber was unaccountable. After reevaluating the situation caused the Doctor to conclude that the ghosts were genuine, the Drum's night mode was activated by the ghosts, and the Cloister Bell began to ring. With Prichard killed by Moran, and the ghosts trying to lure a medical team to the Drum, the Doctor ordered the base be locked under quarantine and encouraged the surviving crew to help him capture the ghosts.

Trapping the ghosts in the Faraday cage, the Doctor found they were repeating coordinates to the flooded town's church, and that the ghosts had been artificial created to act as a homing beacon. After Bennett retrieved the ship's suspended animation chamber, the Doctor found that the coordinates had been the symbols within the spaceship, and decided to go back in time to before the town's flooding to find the truth of the matter. As the Doctor, Clara and the crew made their way to the TARDIS, the ghosts began flooding water into the Drum, resulting in emergency doors coming down and splitting the group in half. Clara was trapped in the base with Cass and Lunn, while the Doctor set off in the TARDIS with O'Donnell and Bennett. (TV: Under the Lake)

Platform BtF The Doctor and O'Donnell arrive at Краснодар. (TV: Before the Flood) Arriving in 1980, the Doctor, O'Donnell and Bennett encountered the Tivolian, Albar Prentis, while he was alive, using the spaceship, which had yet to have the wording inscribed, as a hearse to transport a dead warlord known as the Fisher King. Wanting to destroy the signal, the Doctor demanded Prentis hand over the device broadcasting, but Prentis was oblivious to what the Doctor was talking about.

Contacting Clara, the Doctor found that a ghost of himself had appeared in 2119, mouthing the names of the dead and those yet to die, with Clara second after O'Donnell. The Doctor was shaken at the prospect of him dying, but, despite Clara's urging to change time, he insisted he had to die. The Doctor's ghost then entered the Drum and released the other ghosts, forcing Clara, Cass and Lunn back to the Faraday Cage, where the phone signal was cut off. Before they left, however, the Doctor was able to get a look at his ghost and see him change his message.

Realising O'Donnell was going to die, the Doctor and Bennett tried to persuade her to stay in the TARDIS, but she refused. Returning to the ship, the trio found Prentis dead, the writing written and themselves being hunted by the Fisher King. Persuade into a building, O'Donnell was separated from the group and killed by the Fisher King, fulfilling the Ghost Doctor's prophecy. The Doctor and Bennett then tried to go back to the future to save Clara from being killed, but the TARDIS instead sent them back in time by thirty minutes, where the Doctor had to force Bennett from interfering in Prentis and O'Donnell's deaths.

Sending Bennett back to the TARDIS, the Doctor set one of the ship's power cells to destroy the dam of the town. Confronting the Fisher King, the Doctor was informed that the ghosts were signalling to the Fisher King's armada to rescue him and enslave the Earth. Just as he was about to be shot, the Doctor lied about erasing the writing from the ship, provoking the Fisher King to return to the ship, just as the damn well apart and flooded the town. Before the flood hit the church, the Doctor got into the Fisher King's stasis chamber, protecting him as the Fisher King drowned in the flood. (TV: Before the Flood)

In 2119, the pod was recovered by Bennett and brought upon the Drum to be examined by the past Doctor. (TV: Under the Lake) Using his sonic sunglasses to connect with the Drum's Wi-Fi, the Doctor created a hologram of himself as a ghost "with a soupçon of artificial intelligence, and a few pre-recorded phrases thrown in," (TV: Before the Flood) which appeared before Clara, Lunn and Cass almost immediately after the past Doctor left the Drum with Bennett and O'Donnell. (TV: Under the Lake)

Using the hologram as an avatar, the Doctor gave Clara the list he had heard her give him from the ghost, and released the other ghosts from the Faraday cage, telling his past self via Clara's phone that "the chamber will open tonight." Conversing with other ghosts, the Doctor set them on Lunn, knowing they wouldn't kill him, to set a trap for Clara and Cass in the cantina.

When the chamber opened, the Doctor used his ghost hologram to lure the other ghosts to the Faraday cage with the "call of the Fisher King." Erasing the writing from their minds, the Doctor revealed to Clara, Cass and Lunn that his ghost was just a projection, and told them and Bennett that UNIT would dispose of the ghosts by removing the Faraday cage from Earth's orbit. As he and Clara set off in the TARDIS, the Doctor told her he only knew what to make the fake ghost say because she told him what it was saying, calling it a bootstrap paradox. (TV: Before the Flood)

After saving the Velosians from being attacked by "four and a bit battle fleets" and rescuing Clara from being killed by a Love Sprite from the Spider Mines, the Doctor and Clara landed on Earth, where they were promptly captured by Vikings and taken to their village, two days' longboat journey from the TARDIS. When a race called the Mire attacked the village, killing all of the warriors, a girl called Ashildr declared war between the village and ten of the Mire.

After failing to train the farmers in the village to fight, the Doctor realised the village farmed electric eels, enabling him to formulate a plan to defeat the Mire. When the Mire arrived, the Doctor and the farmers distracted them with a party in a barn, while the other villagers used the eels to electrocute four of the Mire and remove their armour and weapons. Seizing the opportunity, the Doctor gave one of the helmets to Ashildr, who used it to feed the image of a dragon into the technology of the Mire's helmets, scaring them off, when the dragon was actually nothing more than a puppet. The Doctor revealed to the Mire leader, who posed as the Viking god Odin, that Clara had filmed them being scared away by the villagers and threatened him and to leave lest the video be release to the Galactic Hub and ruin the Mire's reputation. Odin and the Mire promptly left, but the celebrations ended when it was discovered Ashildr had died of heart failure as a result of using the Mire helmet.

The Doctor moped in a barn, regretting being unable to save Ashildr. However, after voicing his pain to Clara (including stating in emotional terms how he would react if he ever lost Clara), he realised that he shared the face of Lobus Caecilius, whom he had saved from a fixed point in time during his tenth incarnation, and concluded that his face was a reminder to himself that he should always save people, even damning anyone who thought against the act to hell. Using a medical chip from the Mire helmet, the Doctor revived Ashildr, and left her a second chip for whoever she wanted. Heading back to the TARDIS, the Doctor, now reflecting poorly on his actions, told Clara that the chip would have given Ashildr immortality, and then realised that he had made her a hybrid. (TV: The Girl Who Died)

Solo Adventures Edit

Sometime after leaving Scandinavia, and while Clara was taking her Year Seven class to their tae kwon do lessons, the Doctor observed Ashildr founding a colony of lepers, but decided against announcing his presence to her. (TV: The Woman Who Lived)

After spending weeks following exoplanetary energy on his curioscanner across the galaxy, the Doctor traced the Eyes of Hades to 1651 England, where he found a highwayman called "the Knightmare" robbing the carriage holding the artifact. The Doctor's intervention resulted in the carriage escaping before either of them could get the Eyes, and the Knightmare revealed herself to be Ashildr, who was now addressing herself as "Me" after losing most of her childhood memories. At "Lady Me's" mansion, Ashildr told the Doctor of her exploits, and begged him to her with him in the TARDIS, but he refused. Instead, the two teamed up to steal the Eyes of Hades from Lucie Fanshawe by breaking into her mansion.

The Doctor then found that Ashildr had an ally in Leandro, who owned the Eyes of Hades and needed a death to activate it to open a portal for him and Ashildr to escape Earth in. Upon learning the highwayman Sam Swift was to be executed, Ashildr and Leandro set off to use his death to activate the artefact. While the Doctor tried to call off Swift's execution, Ashildr forcibly attached the Eyes of Hades to Swift, opening the portal. Leandro then revealed that he had only used Ashildr to get the portal open and allow his people to invade, and the Leonian ships began attacking the peasants. Realising her mistake, Ashildr used the second Mire chip to revive Swift, closing the portal and ending the attack. For his failure, Leandro was incinerated by his people. In the aftermath, Ashildr accepted her inability to travel with the Doctor and told him she would look out for other people he left behind, and they parted on relatively good terms.

When the Doctor picked up Clara for more adventures, she presented him with a selfie from Evie Hubbard, a student he had helped with history homework, and the Doctor was shocked to see Ashildr in the background of the photo. Shaking it off, he and Clara took off for "somewhere magical." (TV: The Woman Who Lived) The Doctor kept surveillance on Ashildr, but lost track of her in the early 1800s. (TV: Face the Raven)

Final Adventures with Clara Edit

Receiving a call from Osgood about the "Nightmare Scenario", the Doctor discovered that the ceasefire between the humans and Zygons had been breaking down, and tried to confront the Zygon High Command about it, only for them to be kidnapped by Zygon rebels, just as Kate Stewart phoned him to inform the Doctor of Osgood's kidnapping. Meeting up with Clara and Kate at Zygon High Command base at Drakeman Junior School, the Doctor communicated with the control polyp and witnessed the rebels execute the Zygon High Command. Sharing thoughts with Kate, Clara and Jac, the Doctor sent Kate to investigate Zygon activity in the New Mexico town Truth or Consequences, and left Clara and Jac in charge of defending England while he took Boat One to the Zygon settlement in Turmezistan to rescue Osgood.

The Doctor and Colonel Walsh led a platoon of UNIT soldiers to retrieve Osgood from the Zygon base before it was destroyed in an air strike, but the leading soldier fell for the Zygons' deceptions and lead the platoon to their deaths in an ambush. As Walsh left to observe the settlement get destroyed, the Doctor found Osgood and managed to capture a Zygon. Aboard Boat One, the Zygon informed the Doctor that the Zygon invasion of Earth had already taken place. As the plane returned to the United Kingdom, "Clara" phoned the Doctor, and, claiming that the real Clara and Kate had been killed and replaced, fired a rocket launcher from the ground at Boat One. (TV: The Zygon Invasion) The Zygon missed her first shot, which gave the Doctor and Osgood enough time to parachute out of the plane before she fired a successful shot. They landed safety and received a text from Clara's phone, confirming that she was alive and fighting the Zygon in her form. Calling the Zygon, who had named herself "Bonnie", the Doctor retrieved a message from Bonnie's winking eye (controlled by Clara inside the pod) that confirmed her location, and, persuade by policeman he thought were Zygons, commandeered a van to get him and Osgood back to London.

They drove to a south London shopping centre where a Zygon had been forced to normalise himself by Bonnie and, despite the Doctor pleading him not too, committed suicide because he didn't want to be a part of the Zygon rebellion. Kate and two UNIT soldiers then turned up, and told the Doctor where to find Clara and the Zygon rebel base. Arriving at the Zygon stronghold, the UNIT soldiers revealed themselves to be Zygons and Kate contacted Bonnie, who had taken Clara with her to the Black Archive to activate the Osgood Box. However, Bonnie then revealed that the Doctor had put two Osgood Boxes in place with safeguards beyond safeguards in to keep the human-Zygon ceasefire, and demanded the Doctor be brought to her. Kate, however, revealed herself to be the genuine Kate, killed the Zygon soldiers and destroyed the communicator.

Arriving at the Black Archive, Bonnie and Kate both threatened to use the Osgood boxes, but the Doctor used his memories and feelings of the Last Great Time War to persuade them that they could end the conflict in a more humane way. Moved by his speech, Kate decided not to use the boxes, and Bonnie deduced that they were empty. The Doctor then wiped Kate and the Zygons' memories of the boxes, but allowed Bonnie to retain her memory to keep the peace.

As the Doctor and Clara prepared to leave, the Doctor invited Osgood to join him in his travels, but she denied. Both she and Bonnie, who was now using Osgood's form, had taken on the task of protecting the Osgood Boxes and maintaining the human-Zygon relations together. (TV: The Zygon Inversion)

The Doctor and Clara landed on the space station Le Verrier in the 38th century, and joined a rescue crew that were looking for the station's crew. Attacked by Sandmen, the group ran into a laboratory housing Morpheus pods and, after rescuing Clara from one, found Professor Gagan Rassmussen hiding in a pod. After questioning Rassmussen on his pods, the Doctor concluded that the Sandmen were made up of sleep dust, and a direct result from use of the pods. As they made their way to destroy the pods, the station's gravity shields failed, Rassmussen was killed by a Sandman, and the Doctor, Clara and Chief Nagata became separated from the group after the Doctor rebooted the gravity shield.

Revaluating the situation, the Doctor hacked in to what he believed to be the rescue crew's helmet cams to review the footage, only for Nagata to reveal that none of them were wearing cameras. The Doctor then realised that the sleep dust in the air was being used as cameras to store images of the rescue mission, and that Rassmussen was behind the entire thing. Going to the crew's rescue ship, the Doctor, Clara and Nagata found Rassmussen had plans to spread the Sandmen to other planets. Surviving Rassmussen's attempt to kill them with his Patient Zero, Nagata killed Rassmussen, and the trio fled the station in the TARDIS, intending to destroy all Morpheus machines to prevent any more Sandman conversions. The Doctor, however, was confounded by the loose ends and how choreographed the event had been. (TV: Sleep No More)

The Coming of the Hybrid Edit

After escaping a marriage to a sentient plant on the "second most beautiful garden in all of time and space," the Doctor was phoned by Rigsy, who had lost his memory of the previous day and woken up with a chronolock that was counting down to his death. Investigating, the Doctor, Clara and Rigsy found themselves in the trap street, where a society of aliens were seeking asylum under the government of Ashildr, known in the street as "Mayor Me". Rigsy had apparently murdered one of the residents, a Janus named Anah, and had been given retcon per the street's protocol, but returned home to allow him to spent time with his loved ones before the Quantum Shade came to kill him for the crime.

When Ashildr informed the Doctor that she could remove the chronolock if he convinced the trap street residence of Rigsy's innocence, the Doctor learned from Kabel that Rigsy had asked Ashildr to call the Doctor when he was found with the body, revealing that Ashildr knew of the Doctor and Risgy's acquaintanceship. Going to see the victim's daughter, Anahson, the Doctor realised that the entire thing had been a trap to lure him to the trap street. Running to see the body, the Doctor discovered that Anah was alive in a stasis pod, and the only way to release her was to unlock the pod with his TARDIS key. Unlocking the stasis pod, the Doctor had his arm clamped with a teleport bracelet, just as Ashildr arrived to retrieve the Doctor's confession dial.

Just as the chronolock countdown ended, Clara revealed that she had taken Rigsy's death sentence, and Ashildr explained that the entire thing had been a hoax to entice the Doctor, as she had been threatened to entrap the Doctor to ensure the street's safety. Rigsy would have had the chronolock removed before its countdown ended, but since Clara took it, Ashildr fell out of the contract she had established, sealing Clara's fate. In anger, the Doctor threatened to end the asylum unless she saved Clara, but Clara made the Doctor promise not to seek revenge before she faced her death, with the Doctor watching her die from afar. Ashildr apologised for the harm she had done, but the Doctor, honouring his promise to Clara, warned her to keep out of his way. The teleport bracelet then activated, teleporting the Doctor away to its destination. (TV: Face the Raven)

In a cycle that went on for 4.5 billion years, (TV: Hell Bent) the Doctor arrived in a teleporter at the top of tower inside his confession dial, and was pursued by the Veil, a creature taken from his childhood nightmares, until he fed it confessions. During this time he frequently retreated to a mental "storm room" - a recreation of the TARDIS - where he spoke to a mental recreation of Clara. At the end of each cycle, the Doctor reached a wall of solid azbantium and, inspired by the Brothers Grimm story of the shepherd's boy, punched at the wall until the Veil fatally burned him. Too badly injured to regenerate, the Doctor dragged himself back to the top of the tower and burn up his body to provide the energy needed to load a copy of himself at the moment of his arrival from the teleporter's hard drive, continuing the cycle until he finally broke through the wall. With the Veil collapsing in on itself, the Doctor arrived on Gallifrey and told a nearby boy to inform "someone important" in the Capitol of his arrival. (TV: Heaven Sent)

The Doctor made his way to the Drylands, where he silently waited in his old barn hideaway for Rassilon to face him, turning away the military and High Council members sent to speak to him, until Rassilon finally came to explain himself, to which the Doctor told him "get off [his] planet." Deeming any witness in the Drylands to be unimportant, Rassilon ordered the Doctor's execution, but the firing squad, having served with the Doctor of War during the Last Great Time War, sided against him. When the General defected, Rassilon surrendered and the Doctor, assuming Rassilon's title of Lord President, banished Rassilon from Gallifrey, which had been moved to the end of the universe for protection, blaming him for the horrors of the Time War, to be followed by the High Council.

Going down to the Cloisters, the Doctor met with Ohila, who explained that Rassilon was searching for information on the Hybrid. Meeting with the General and the Sisterhood of Karn in the council chamber, the Doctor informed them that he could protect them from the Hybrid, but he needed Clara Oswald's help to do so. The Doctor and the General went to Extraction chamber 7 to use an extraction chamber to retrieve Clara from before her death in the trap street, in doing so freezing her bodily functions in time. Under pressure to explain himself, the Doctor swiped the General's sidearm and, holding the unarmed chamber staff at gunpoint, took a neural block calibrated for humans and shot the General to cause a distraction and escape with Clara.

Making their way through the Cloisters, the Doctor and Clara encountered the Cloister Wraiths, and an imprisoned Dalek, Cyberman and flock of Weeping Angels, until the Doctor found a secret passage near lift shaft 7, and told Clara how he had originally found the passage as a boy, and also tried to avoid talking about his imprisonment in his confession dial, but had got around to telling Clara by the time the newly regenerated General and Ohila arrived. As Clara distracted them, the Doctor escaped through the secret passage into the workshop below the Cloisters, and stole a TARDIS to retrieve Clara and flee from Gallifrey after a final talk with Ohila.

With Clara still frozen, the Doctor took her to the last minutes of the universe, believing that time would heal there and Clara would become alive again. With Clara still frozen, a knock sounded on the TARDIS doors and the Doctor found it was Ashildr, still alive at the end of the universe. The Doctor and Ashildr shared theories on the Hybrid; the Doctor believing it to be Ashildr, while she believed the Hybrid to either be the Doctor himself, or the combined forces of the Doctor and Clara. The Doctor, denying Ashildr's claims, told her that he planned to erase Clara's memory of him to protect her from the Time Lords, but Clara had spied on their conversation and reversed the polarity of the neural block with the sonic sunglasses. After learning of what Clara did, the Doctor still decided to use the device, only for it to backfire on him, causing him to loose his memories of Clara and collapse.

The Doctor eventually awoke in the Nevada desert, where a man told him that Clara had asked him to look after the Doctor. Having forgotten Clara's face, but still having vague impressions of his time with her, the Doctor made his way to a diner in the desert, where he encountered a waitress. The Doctor told the waitress his story while playing a song he composed for Clara. After his story ended, the waitress exited through a door, and the diner dematerialised, revealing to the Doctor that it had been the stolen TARDIS. Now outside, the Doctor found his own TARDIS, with a mural dedicated to Clara on it, whom the Doctor recognised as the waitress. Receiving a new sonic screwdriver from the TARDIS, a replacement for the velvet jacket, and a final message of encouragement from Clara scrawled on one of the TARDIS' blackboards, the Doctor took off for new adventures on his own, with the mural unraveling as he dematerialized. (TV: Hell Bent)

Lone Travels Edit

The Doctor went to New York City in the 1990s to undo the damage from the temporal paradoxes he had played a hand in. While there, he set up a trap to prevent anyone from interfering with his work, but fell victim to it himself; this lead him to meet Grant Gordon, a child obsessed with comics who nicknamed him "Doctor Mysterio", a name the Doctor immediately took a liking to. The Doctor decided to have Grant help him, handing him the Hazandra needed to power his device. However, Grant mistook it for cold medicine he needed and swallowed the gem; as the Hazandra granted wishes, it gave Grant superpowers as he wanted to help people. The Doctor made Grant promise to never use his powers, so he wouldn't become corrupter by them. He kept an eye on Grant during his later years. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

Reunited with River Edit

Relaxing in his TARDIS after a "long day" that had involved "everybody turn[ing] into lizards" and a piano falling on him, the Doctor was mistakenly summoned by Nardole for a "medical emergency" and brought to River Song, who failed to recognise the Doctor due to not knowing about his new regeneration cycle, as her husband, King Hydroflax, needed a lifesaving operation to remove the Halassi Androvar diamond from his head. However, River intended to remove Hydroflax's head, and managed to steal it when Hydroflax, whose head was dispensable, discovered the ruse and tried to kill her and the Doctor, until the Doctor took his head hostage and, with the robotic body unwilling to potentially harm Hydroflax's head, the Doctor and River managed to get teleported out by Ramone, another of River's husbands.

Arriving back at the TARDIS, the Doctor and River, still not knowing his identity, "stole" the TARDIS to get away from Hydroflax's body, but the TARDIS could not dematerialise with the head inside and the body outside, and River was tricked into letting the body in after it stole Ramone's head. Escaping the body on the Harmony and Redemption, River tried to sell the diamond to Scratch of the Shoal of the Winter Harmony, only to learn that he was a follower of Hydroflax, and the two attempted to leave with Hydroflax's head. However, Hydroflax's robotic body arrived and killed the head, having been promised the Doctor's head as a replacement. To the Doctor's sorrow, he listened to River as she showed a lack of belief in his love for her, saying that while she loved him, he didn't fall in love with people. As the Doctor revealed who he was to River, River told the Doctor she was "just keeping them talking". As a meteor storm hit the ship, the Doctor and River attempted to stop the Harmony and Redemption from crashing on Darillium, but ultimately failed, barely shielding themselves in the TARDIS instead during the impact.

Regaining consciousness first, the Doctor emerged from the TARDIS on Darillium, and, using the diamond, inspired a man called Alphonse to start a restaurant, so he could travel into the future and book a reservation for a balcony view of the Singing Towers. Dressing formally for River when she awakened, the Doctor gifted her a sonic screwdriver of her own, and, telling her that nights on Darillium lasted 24 years, the two enjoyed the view. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

True to his word, the Doctor stayed with River on Darillium for twenty-four years before River left to meet her ultimate fate in the Library, after which the Doctor, afraid of being alone, recovered Nardole from Hydroflax's body and took him on as his companion after reattaching his head to his body. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

Travels with Nardole Edit

In the 2010s, the Doctor learned that Harmony Shoal had invaded the capital cities of Earth, and was working to stop them from implanting themselves in the heads of the world leaders. This led him to meet the adult Grant, who was now the heroic vigilante known as the Ghost. Together, they stopped Harmony Shoal, by destroying their spaceship before it could be dropped and decimate Earth. With this over, the Doctor decided to leave on new adventures with Nardole, who explained to Grant and his new girlfriend Lucy Fletcher the Doctor was in a grieving period for the time being as he had recently lost River Song. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

Undated Events Edit

  • The Twelfth Doctor helped his previous incarnations place Gallifrey in a pocket universe at the end of the Last Great Time War. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) 
  • Speaking to an unseen audience, the Doctor explained the workings of the bootstrap paradox by using a hypothetical situation of a man with a time machine using his knowledge of Ludwig van Beethoven to travel back in time and inadvertently become Beethoven as a result. (TV: Before the Flood)
  • The Twelfth Doctor helped Evie Hubbard, a Year Seven student at Coal Hill School, with her homework, by arranging an interview between her and Winston Churchill. (TV: The Woman Who Lived)

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